About Us

My name is Luke Donovan, and I am the proud owner of Kustom Kitchens, Portland.

Kustom Kitchens was created in 2003 when I was at the age of 23. In the beginning, all our cabinetry work was for one local builder in our area. At that time, I was the sole worker and managed each job from design to completion, undertaking every task along the way.

Quality workmanship, efficient and practical design and great service are all qualities which are principal elements in Kustom Kitchens

Impressive cabinetry is essential but Kustom Kitchens also prides itself on listening to customer preferences, the ability to suggest fresh ideas, designing practical cabinetry, organising and liaising with other trades to keep your project flowing efficiently.

The business now employs three local tradesmen and undertakes a wide range of work for local builders, schools & local shire and the general public. By keeping the business small, the same quality and detail of work and service is able to be produced, as in the formative days of the business. As a smaller business, it also means that I ,as the owner, am able to maintain the reputation that Kustom Kitchens has received of producing high quality workmanship.

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